Deportation and Removal Defense

There are several options for an immigrant facing removal from the US to use as a defense against deportation.

If you have received a Notice to Appear (NTA) from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) alleging that you are removable (deportable) from the U.S., do not assume that the situation is hopeless. If you have been ordered to appear in immigration court, you will have a chance to present a defense in front of an immigration judge.

You'll Need to Hire a Lawyer

Immigration laws are a very complex and the penalties for failing to fully understand and utilize them to your benefit are high. Unfortunately, immigrants facing deportation are not afforded lawyers by the government - they'll need to hire and pay for one themselves. If you or a family member is facing a removal hearing or bond proceedings, it is important to contact an experienced immigration lawyer as quickly as possible.

Committed to Your Legal Protection

There are certain requirements to removal proceedings that serve as guarantees to the alien that he or she will be treated as fairly as the process allows. The alien must be given proper notice and may choose to be represented by an attorney. The alien must be given the opportunity to present evidence on his or her behalf and examine the evidence against him or her.

Factors Involved in Release from Custody

When an alien is taken into custody, the USICE, in many cases, does have the option to release the alien. An alien must show that he or she does not pose a threat to national security or a bail risk. Factors to consider are previous arrests in the U.S., previous convictions, illegal entry into the U.S., employment status, participation in subversive activities, and the presence of relatives in the U.S. Some aliens are entitled to bond hearings in immigration court.